“This weekend has made me feel more patient, tolerant and accepting of myself and those around me.  A little challenging without being overwhelming” Perri, Retreat 2017

“What a wonderful weekend.  If you are ready to re-connect with yourself, with other women and with nature then I highly recommend this weekend” Lucy, Retreat 2017

“Very relaxing and lets me de-stress” Dale term 2 Meditation 2017

“Thanks Rachael for your fantastic meditation classes, they really helped me move through a time of turmoil and stress to one of balance.  It is amazing to experience so much change in 5 weeks.” Participant term 1 2017

I love the peacefulness that comes with doing one of Rachael’s classes.  She taught me to be more ‘mindful’ in my everyday life and learn to take a breath and take time for me” Participant term 3 2016

Helpful in dealing with a stressful time in my life.  Relaxing, respectful atmosphere and class” Participant term 3 2016

“Excellent beginner course to Meditation, learning various techniques in which you can apply the ones you like best to your life.  Very calming and inviting atmosphere” Participant term 4 2016

“Great beginner course into meditation and breathing exercises.  Very calming and very good” Participant term 4 2016


I had an open mind re what would happen and really enjoyed it…… I gained a sense of peace.

An inviting environment, a beautiful course engaging the chakras and the importance of connecting and balancing. Rachael offers beautiful meditations and insights on mindfulness and connecting. A beautiful course that had lovely meaning each week and was beautifully thought out and planned. Gorgeous! Recommend for sure!

I look forward to Rachael’s meditation classes as afterwards I feel calmer and more positive. Rachael is lovely in class and a skilled teacher. She’s flexible and able to accommodate the different needs of participants in the group.

I enjoy the quiet location of Rachael’s meditation sessions. In the middle of the suburbs, we hear birdsong when we extend our hearing sense beyond the room. Rachael’s smile and quiet welcome is a great start to a satisfying meditation session. The themed meditations always give me something to reflect on and take home with me. Rachael is a friendly person and her guided meditations are simply satisfying. I can easily cycle to meditation along the Merri Creek trail and this adds to my enjoyment of the morning.

Thanks Rachael.”

As a new mum with a toddler I’m still learning how to make time for myself, this retreat was my turning point in making myself a priority. It exceeded my every expectation. So special to go away and focus on me and be embraced by the ladies on this retreat.
The location was breathtaking and the food was delicious.
Rachael offers so much nurturing in nature and she does it in a way that is so gentle but you trust her entirely to go out of your comfort zone.

“This retreat was the perfect mix of meditation (even for those of us who are still leaning), stunning walks in nature, alone time to reflect and all in a safe and genuine environment. I think this will be an annual investment into my soul. Words can’t begin to explain how grateful I am for this experience and how much I have gained, I’m sure this will benefit me and my family for along time.
Rebecca, participant at into the Wild 2015.

Rachael you are really great at what you do! Honestly – I will be recommending a retreat with you to EVERYONE! Thanks so much for inviting me to take part! It was pure joy!
Jus, 2015 and 2016

Into the Wild” was a truly nurturing and uplifting experience. I felt the opportunities for stillness reflection and connection with nature allowed some healing and inner shifts to take place. Thank you Rachael for offering something quite unique. The small group felt really special
Rachel 2015

Rachael has a beautiful talent for being able to create a relaxed and positive environment, but also help you to quickly focus inward and REALLY start listening to what’s going on inside. She does this with mindfulness meditations which are relaxing, practical and effective. Simultaneously she’s able to help you connect with your surroundings and what better way to do that than in nature! Wilson’s Prom is spectacular, but being able to enjoy it with ALL your senses and through meditation exercises is such a special gift.
Ruth 2015

Into The Wild’ Retreat was truly an amazing experience. The you Rachael for providing such a productive space in which to explore myself and with nature! I highly recommend this retreat.
Jess 2016

A really worthwhile and enjoyable experience that will nourish your soul. A chance to get to know yourself better and share the experience with other like minded people. A space to connect and also be free.
Bianca 2016

Re-introduced myself to the power of nature at Rachael’s retreat and then rediscovered a part of my own strength and resiliance
Brenda 2016

Rachael is a thoughtful, skillful facilitator and made me feel safe and confident to explore my emotional landscape in nature. My passion for nature, walking and adventures has been ignited. I feel invigorated
Mary 2016

Rachael, thank you for your generosity and wisdom and for opening my eyes to nature and the whole box and dice
Virginia 2016.

My counselling and mindfulness sessions with Rachael have helped me identify difficult issues and feelings more deeply and clearly, and to make shifts as a result. Her whole-hearted presence is skilful and reassuring, and her insights are of great value.

Thank you Rachael for welcoming my five month old daughter and I into your practice. You provided me an outlet for a much needed emotional release, and support at a time I was grappling with a big life change.

Being able to have this has allowed me to express myself more freely and granted me the impetus to continue growing in my way, on my way in this world with my cherished baby. I do it with more self knowledge and also self acceptance. Thank you again -never let any one underestimate the power and beauty of having two ears and one heart bent towards you.”