SELF: Counselling, Yoga and Retreats – Coburg and Thornbury.

SELF: Counselling, Yoga and Retreats – Coburg and Thornbury.

Opening you to listening to the wisdom already within you

When you come to a class, group or individual session at SELF, you don't expect to be simply heard.
At SELF you can expect to learn to listen to yourself, to tap into your wisdom, and the wisdom of nature.

When you listen to your body, emotions and thoughts you come to know yourself better, and from that greater knowledge you can be more sure how to be and how to act.
Come and share the journey.


In life Rachael has hiked all over the world, worked in the corporate and community sectors, volunteered in Australia and abroad (and continues to volunteer in Australia). She has recovered from an eating disorder, been married for 13 years and is still in love. Rachael has given birth twice and is currently raising 2 beautiful boys. She has loves gardening and growing some of her families food and loves her choir.

Through much of this Rachael has had a yoga and meditation practice - it has changed and become a lot more flexible since having children yet it has remained something that both gives her peace as well as a way to grow and receive guidance.

Rachael also finds peace and connection in nature. Outdoor activities including walking, climbing, gardening, riding and mountainbiking as well as simply being outdoors and in nature have always been been part of her life. It is to nature she retreats when she needs to step out of the ordinary. Stepping away, taking time to simply be or at least to leave all the 'things' behind is something she recommends everyone does on a regular basis.

Rachael has been teaching meditation and leading retreats since 2006 and counselling since 2010. Rachael loves this work as it combines her love of nature and people, and always finds that she continues to learn and grow as part of this journey. She hopes that you will join her on one of her next journeys. More about Rachael

The River of Life

What guides you in your life?  Are you in a stream floating, getting pushed into all the strong currents, bumped by rocks, rushing along with the current when it is there and then sitting still in the pools.  Or are you on a craft in the stream, you go with the flow yet you can paddle around rocks, you can slow down or find a still place in the river.  You can choose to  paddle forward in the still pools or enjoy them knowing the paddle is there when you are ready to move on. I know I...