Connecting through nature, movement and relationship.

When you connect to yourself, to nature, to others you become open to listening to your own heart, mind and body.

To heal, to know yourself more, to create a life that you can find peace with, you need to listen to your own internal wisdom.  It is my hope that a session  with me will not only help you to understand yourself more, but that you will leave with skills  to listen to yourself in the future.

Rachael’s Counselling Approach

Rachael works in a holistic, gentle, creative and mindful way, assisting you to tune into your own internal wisdom and to grow from within. She believes that healing and growth takes place through supportive connections, with self, others and with nature. Rachael aims to create authentic, respectful and safe relationships with clients, working with the body, emotion and thought to bring about change and healing.

A session with Rachael may include: meditation and mindfulness; deep mindfulness work exploring the wisdom of your body; nature connection; intuitive and creative processes; nature connection; and psychoeducation.  the ‘work’ we do in each session is a collaboration and this is your journey so you are in charnge.


Rachael is influenced by the following ideas and theories:

  • Mindfulness – awareness in the present moment
  • Sensorimotor psychotherapy and trauma work – a branch of psychotherapy that works with the body to release from trauma
  • Attachment theory – exploring relationships especially earlier ralationships
  • Brain Neuroscience – understanding the impact of attachment and trauma on the brain as well as neuroplasticity
  • Systemic theories – exploring contexts in family, community and society
  • Eco psychology – nature as a tool for connecting and healing
  • Bush Adventure Therapy – The use  of adventure and nature as a therapeutic tool.  Adventure may include anything exploratory and may be internal, physical or other.

Some of the reasons you may come to Counselling include:

  • Life transitions including parenthood, ending work, returning to work etc;
  • Significant medical conditions;
  • Persistent pain or discomfort;
  • Addictions including food;
  • Feeling overwhelmed or are not coping with life or aspects of life;
  • Experiencing panic or anxiety;
  • Experiencing difficulties in your relationships including couples, families and other;
  • Experiences of Trauma including a car accident. injury, violence (including war and victims of crime and survivors of family violence);
  • Grief and Loss, including major life changes and loss of loved ones.
  • You may not be able to put a finger on what is troubling you but you know things could be better.

Where are Counselling Sessions held.

I hold counselling sessions in Coburg at Yellow Door Counselling (134 Nicholson Street).  I also offer walking and Bush Counselling held along the Merri creek Parklands (or other parkland by mutual agreement).  Rachael also offers online counselling sessions on zoom.

How many sessions will I need.

Everyone is different. Sometimes you may need someone to help you get clear on what is happening for you right now this may take one session or a few. Of if that is not you maybe you realise some deep work required to move forward, you are ready to go deep for a longer period. I work with both with long term counselling, short and one off sessions. Together we will set goals and expectations and work within those parameters.

Interested in Counselling with Rachael?

To book a counselling session or to make a time to have a quick chat to see if I am the right counsellor for you please contact me.


1 hour sessions are $110 ($80 concession / health care) or $130 for a couple.

NDIS – therapeutic supports – mental health services.  If you are self or plan managed you may be able to utilize your NDIS funding to attend sessions with Rachael.

Discounts available for ongoing / regular sessions on a case by case basis.

Rachael has a Medibank provider number, please contact Medibank to see how much you can get back with your level of cover.