Time In Nature

It is where I go for time in. – Nature that is.

When I say I want time in Nature, I am not saying we are separate from it.  We are not.  We are part of nature.

When I say I want to go into Nature I mean somewhere where human impact is less obvious.  There are scales to this – I enjoy time in my garden, this is very different to being indoors.  The local park is nice too, but one of my favourite spots close to home is a place where there is no paved walking track along the local creek.  Then there is of course the heading bush for a few days or longer.  Something shifts in me as I move  this along this scale of wildness.

Out in the more wild places I feel like I see nature more clearly, or maybe it is that I see myself more clearly, yes that is it.  I see my insignificance and my power all at once.  I see how without my backpack of food and shelter I wouldn’t last long out here, yet I see how heavily I walk, that just my feet leave the mark -I have been here.   I also see how far the daisies have come.  The highlands are their home now.

When you say you need some time in nature – what do you mean?  Do you even say that? and if not is it because you have forgotten? because you never knew? or because something else draws you?

I love the feeling I get out in more ‘wild’ places, with my bag on my back I can just be.  I find myself wanting to bring this feeling home.

What is it that I get in the bush that I want more of?

It is that slowing down, no timetable, a slower pace.  It is space, both within me and around me and awareness of this space and of my surroundings. It is also being present and calm.   In the bush there are less choices, no screens (and if there is reception there is nowhere to charge your phone so it is turned off only to be used in a moment of real need.  It is like I enter another realm within me, one that is a few rungs of the ladder down, I am more naturally aware of my senses and grounded by the connection to the earth.

There is also something about the rhythm, not just the rhythm of the bush itself but the rhythm of me in the bush, especially when walking.  It is like walking moves things through me, I might not be fully in the moment, I might be off with my thoughts, but the rhythm does something to my thoughts, I am less attached to them and they work their way through and become clearer.

There is also awe.  Moments of wow, moments where I am blown away from the beauty, the amazingness of it all.

And so I take this home with me and see the rhythm and beauty also in my life at home and look forward to my next trip into the wild.